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I would like to welcome you to Footprints, a Armenian blog presented by Hetq Online. The aim of Footprints is to discuss various issues pertaining to Armenia in the realms of society, politics, culture and the environment. Occasionally topics outside of these spheres will also be talked about.

The real purpose of Footprints, however, is to create an interactive virtual round table discussion conducted amicably by the readers of this blog. In order for this to happen your own ideas and opinions about Armenian issues presented here should be expressed in the comments section. Tell us what you think, leave your mark by letting your viewpoints be known to the world here.

Footprints will be updated as frequently as possible, so be sure to visit often. Remember that you will also be actively contributing to this blog by keeping relevant Armenian issues presented here fresh and alive. With your pertinent written contributions the discussions will could potentially have an investigate nature to them.

We all look forward to hearing from you.


Christian Garbis

Editor, Footprints

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