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‘Diasporan’ is not a Word

This is a call to all Armenians living in the diaspora and those writing about the Armenian diaspora in general or in a specific context to stop using “diasporan” to describe someone ethnically Armenian who is born and/or living outside the Republic of Armenia or when illustrating a concept that is related to the Armenian diaspora. There is no such word as “diasporan” in the English language.

The term “diasporan” is commonly used as a noun to identify an Armenian who is from a country other than Armenia (e.g., “I am an Armenian diasporan”). It is also used as an adjective to describe the Armenian community thriving outside Armenia or a nuance of the global Armenian experience.

The proper term to describe something characterizing the Armenian diaspora is “diasporic” (e.g., “The Armenian diasporic communities of the Middle East”). To be identified as an Armenian born in a country other than Armenia, simply name your home country (for instance, I call myself an Armenian-American) or explain that you are “an Armenian from its [or ‘the’] diaspora.”

So remember, use “diasporic” (an English word) instead of “diasporan” (a made-up word not in any English dictionary).