Stop the Custom’s Agreement from being Signed with Moscow

Armenian citizens should not allow the customs agreement to be signed with Russia.

Joining a still-abstract Customs Union, with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan confirmed onboard, is a disaster in the making and would the worst thing the Armenian republic ever did in its 22 year history. It would be tantamount to entering a screeching time vortex and landing in the dark ages, complete with the classic communist slogans pasted across the city walls and statues being re-erected glorifying the days of the Soviet dream. Putin’s dream is to bring it all back, under a different guise, but all the same associated nonsense.

After 4 years of negotiations with the EU on signing the Association Agreement and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, which would have entered its final phase with a formal signing ceremony in November, one man’s abrupt decision should not lock Armenia’s fate and compromise its long-term sustainability and prospects for expanding growth. The Armenian people themselves must decide their own future, not someone who places his own personal interests over those of the people he is supposedly serving.

Any citizen who has had the privilege of studying or even visiting Europe, the US and other free democratic nations, and has a concept of what living in a democratic society means, and cares about the long-term viability of Armenia for his children and future generations, and wants to see expanding growth on all levels — economic, social, cultural, educational and so forth–must not permit the agreement for Armenia to join the Customs Union to be signed. It will neutralize the Association Agreement with the EU–this has been confirmed by EU officials.

According to RFE/RL’s report:

Elmar Brok, the German chairman of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, likewise said Armenia’s Association Agreement will not be signed any time soon. “I feel very sorry because it is legally — because of certain conditions — not possible to be a full member both of the Customs Union and have an association agreement and free trade area agreement with the European Union,” he told an RFE/RL correspondent in Brussels.

It’s not too late to stop this customs agreement with Russia from going through by any means. Fatalists in Armenian families, especially anyone over the age of 50, need to be locked up in the closet. It’s time to ensure that Armenia does not squander its opportunity for tighter integration with the west and opportunities abound for Armenia’s sustainable development. It’s time to demand that the Armenian government intervenes and forces the President to go back on his promises in Moscow. Armenians need to stand up.

2 thoughts on “Stop the Custom’s Agreement from being Signed with Moscow

  1. Not only it knocks back Armenia a few years in economic development, but it will guarantee the continuous isolation of the country. Russia is very interested to keep the Karabakh conflict alive and ongoing for decades, so that Armenia would be permanently poor, isolated nation, which would buy Russia’s cheap, unreliable products, its expensive gas and oil, and supply it with very cheap servile workforce.
    Perhaps I should be locked up in the closet, but I think that protests will not stop it. Armenia became a Russian colony a little over a decade ago and the treaty to be signed will only formalize the fact. Even if something akin to Arab Spring would happen, Russia will find puppet politicians that won’t be scared to stop any civil unrest with brutal Assad-type means. Push comes to shove it can always bring its military on some feeble pretense of protecting the native Russian population’s interests.
    Armenia just has to wait for the inevitable Russia’s downfall (with it losing the European gas market, being consumed by China and the government’s kleptocracy making the life unbearable it won’t take too long) and then just sorta slip away in the ensuing chaos.

  2. It is natural for Armenia to have joined the Russian led union and not the EU association. Looking at some members in the EU , notably Greece whose social, economical situation can not get any worse, it is highly distasteful to speak about making a choice away from our strategic ally. If Russia is interested in keeping the karabagh issue frozen, what is the EU interested ? Give it up to the Azeries. People have to wake up and fast, turkey is a potential candidate for EU membership, EU will always support Turkey in any political designs and set ups, Cyprus is a point in case. The EU is not for Armenia, and neither is Armenia for the EU. With turkey within the EU, the EU would become beholden to 100m Turks, what kind of EU is that ? Our national interests lie solid and safer in alignment with our strategic ally. The EU can not offer Armenia any guarantees , nor security, other than turn Armenia into a EU province . Besides we have no common border with the EU bloc. With the customs union, Armenia and Russia should strive to configure a common border.

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