2 thoughts on “Protest Against Protocols In Yerevan

  1. Limerick for a Traitor

    There once was a gremlin named Serge,
    who thought Turkey and Armenian should merge.
    But he underestimated his people,
    who impaled him on a steeple.
    Now, six feet under, no one sings him a dirge.

  2. Shame on Pres. Serz Sarkisian on having these illegal protocols signed without the Turks recognizing the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923. If he gives in on recognizing the borders as is then he should be removed from office along with his parliament. The Sevres Treaty signed in August of 1920 by Turkey & Armenia as well as 16 other nations is still a valid treaty and the world powers along with the United Nations should inforce that long overdue rights of the Armenian People. Armenia has lost enough to the Turks ever since they conquered Armenia from 1064 to the present not counting the millions they massacred or forced to become Moslem Turks. Enough is enough & Serz Sarkisian must be removed from office. Demonstrations should continue on this outrageous protocol agreement.

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