What happened on election day?


While walking my dog this evening I finally got to thinking about what went down on Sunday. Without having to do a lengthy, exhaustive analysis, I put what I know to use.

  1. Most people are discontent with the authorities in Armenia and are too spineless, lazy or clueless to do anything about it. This observation I gathered from my interactions with citizens over the last 10 years. So based on the logic that most people hate the authorities (unless they’re making money from their connection with them somehow, the number of those people being miniscule), there is no friggin’ way that 663,000 voters cast a ballot for the Republicans. Even if the entire Armenian army were forced to vote Republican, and every single public servant and state employee including teachers, doctors, etc. voted the same way, that would only amount to 100,000 at my guesstimate. Where’s the rest coming from–from those same morons who keep whining to me there’s no country and there’s no justice? Oh, I almost forgot about the guys crying about there being no laws. So what–they voted for the same people they loathe, the same people causing untold angst and psychological torment? Perhaps since there does seem to be a latent sadomasochistic element in the Armenian persona, but that’s a debate for another day. Back to proving my point.
  2. All the people I know voted for either the Heritage/Free Democrats alliance, ARF-Dashnaktsutyun or the Armenian National Congress. No one I know supports the authorities. Okay, I am mindful of the fact that I do not know over a half-million people in this country, but I am going to make an educated guess and say that there are many others that are like-minded as my family, friends and acquaintances.
  3. If indeed 663,000 ballots were not cast in the Republicans favor, not to mention the fact that there is no way you can actually falsify so many ballots to make it seem like the Republicans legitimately won, the only logical conclusion is that the numbers released by the Central Electoral Commission were invented, cleverly on a dynamic, rolling basis in “real time” all night long (there are many talented mathematicians in this great land and I’m sure they came up with a fantastic algorithm). We have yet to see the actual results because they are with the Commission under lock and key.

When do we get to see the actual results? Good question. Most of that depends on what deals have been brokered today. We still have tonight, too, to work out the important details of who gets what position or what’s in it for them. But if Prosperous Armenia Party is indeed serious about getting all democratic in this country as Oskanian keeps claiming, and the Armenian National Congress people still know how to say “fugget about it” tomorrow morning, not to mention the ARF and Heritage/Free Democrats being the bad asses they are born to be, we could have some protests and, dare I say, a movement to reverse what just happened. We might just see an Armenian public rising up, standing tall, demanding that the real election results be released, thereby putting the government at the mercy of the people for a change.

Eh, maybe not.

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