Armenians Alone Again

On the morning of Sunday, September 27th, I woke up from a nightmare where I visualized my home left in ruins and ashes, and how my family and I were seeking safety at some dark place while bombs were constantly being fired on us. Minutes later, I checked my phone to see my entire social media timeline flooded with news about a war happening in Artsakh. My grandma told me that our bombed house in my nightmare symbolized Artsakh that was actually being bombed, since: “Artsakh is our home.”

At first I didn’t want to accept this terrible news, I had enough of the tragedies of 2020… But there is no running away from the harsh reality that we live in. Everyone was saying that it was probably going to last for 2-3 days. It is the 25th day today, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Each and every day feels like a whole year full of cruel and depressive thoughts, never ending uncertainty, anxiety, stress, and heartbreaks. 

On September 29th, I received the tragic news that my classmate was sacrificed on the frontline. From that day on, he has been the symbol of this war for me. I wasn’t so close to him, but we had many classes and projects together. I knew him, I knew how kind and strong he was, I knew how hard he was working to balance his classes with his work, and most importantly I knew how much he loved his homeland. Everyone in our university who got the chance to know him knew how much he loved his homeland. Till this day, I still can’t process the thought that days before the war started we were in our online class, trying to understand what our next assignments were about, and that now he is gone. Why? Why was his destiny so cruel? Why should him and many other young and bright souls sacrifice their gift of life in order to keep lands that righteously belong to our nation? I cannot imagine the amount of pain that my classmate’s family, and every other hero’s families feel and are going to feel forever.

Because of vile politicians and their evil political schemes, innocent lives are being taken away, leaving hundreds of families broken. I cannot find words to describe how cruel and ignorant the world that we live in is, since no international organization or country has done anything to try to stop these violent attacks. With each “I demand Azerbaijani officials to stop…” statement, an Armenian soldier falls. With all the evidence, let it be historical monasteries, ancient texts, books, etc. the big nations haven’t taken serious measures to stop criminal Turkey and criminal Azerbaijan. We are once again left all alone with no help from any other country.

There is no such thing as developing countries, or 21st century developments, since the tragedies that us Armenians are facing today is the modern version of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Nothing has changed. Turks are still in desperation to erase Armenians from the world. Ever since the 1850s, they have always had a sick obsession with us Armenians, specifically jealousy and hatred towards more civilized people, rich in culture, arts and crafts, literature, and history. They have tried to erase us, end our race, ruin our churches, burn our schools, and wanted to hang the last Armenian in a museum… Yet they have failed. They have failed miserably, because I am still here. Graduated from an Armenian school, with a rich knowledge of Armenian history, having read numerous Armenian literature, sang numerous Armenian songs, and prayed in numerous Armenian churches. I got to know the survival story my grandmother’s grandmother told her. Having escaped the 1915 massacre with her little brother,  witnessing her entire family being murdered.. It’s just unbelievable how her and many other Armenians survived and still flourished and flourished and never lost faith. 

105 years later, and the turks are determined to continue their sinful ancestors’ schemes. The Europeans and the Americans are still unwilling to go against Turkey, all because of political agreements. How ironic is that if Armenia had some kind of benefit for those big nations, they would be the first to jump in and stop Turkey. But Armenia doesn’t have petrol, it doesn’t have a sea, etc. so all big nations go blind on the matter. I have to say I have lost faith in humanity, but it is not exactly the case, since I have not lost faith in my people. Seeing how Armenians all around the world protest and raise awareness in front of international institutions and media organizations, how all Armenians grieve the loss of each and every one of our fallen heroic soldiers, and how Armenians around the world unite and become one makes me keep my faith in humanity, in my people. And the turks still wish to see the last Armenian hung in a museum?