About Footprints

Footprints is a blog where you can find authentic, original stories about people and places in Armenia. You’ll also read about various issues, mainly political and social, and current happenings throughout the Armenian nation. Cultural and environmental topics pertaining to Armenia are discussed as well.

Footprints is sponsored by Hetq Online, a publication of the Investigative Journalists of Armenia.

The opinions and views expressed in the blog entries of Footprints are those of the writer only. They do not in any way reflect the opinions or viewpoints, political or otherwise, of the Hetq Online editorial staff nor of the Investigative Journalists of Armenia.

The comments left on this blog are the opinions and viewpoints of the readers of Footprints. Comments that are found to contain profanity or are meant to defame or else threaten other individuals will be deleted. The editor of Footprints is not responsible for statements that are perceived as being slanderous as left by readers in the comments section.

Footprints is edited by Christian Garbis—contact him at cgarbis@yahoo.com.

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