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The Magic of Armenian Architecture

Last month I had the privilege of returning to majestic northern Lori and visit some touristic sites I hadn’t seen in several years. One of my companions, a close friend from Boston, had never been to the region, while the other chap hadn’t visited the area in decades.

Haghpat and Akhtala are two of my favorite spots in the entire country, both of them being divine architectural masterpieces. Akhtala is one of the few churches in the country where the frescoes on the interior walls are still preserved–only Samoghsavank and St. John the Baptist church down in Meghri come to mind as other examples. Haghpat was the monastery where famous troubadour Sayat Nova served.

I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

IMG_20141130_153132 IMG_20141130_153344 IMG_20141130_153354 IMG_20141130_153411 IMG_20141130_153427 IMG_20141130_153447 IMG_20141130_153704 IMG_20141130_154552 IMG_20141130_163438 IMG_20141130_163751 IMG_20141130_164223 IMG_20141130_164304 IMG_20141130_164331 IMG_20141130_164337 IMG_20141130_164348 IMG_20141130_164755 IMG_20141130_164956 IMG_20141130_165017 IMG_20141130_165253