Monthly Archives: October 2012

Building a kindergarten in Moshatagh

The organization ONEArmenia is raising funds to build a kindergarten in the village of Moshatagh, which is located in the Kashatagh region of Nagorno-Karabagh (Artsakh). The building’s structure actually exists, the construction just needs to be completed.

There are no excuses for kids to go without proper schools anywhere in Armenia or Artsakh, period. Although such a project should have been realized years ago, it’s definitely not too late to do it now. The organization has already collected close to $9,000 to meet its goal, and the campaign to raise funds ends on November 3. As of this writing the project is 46 percent funded. This is a good cause; it’s an investment in Armenia’s future–Armenia’s children. Please contribute.

Yerevan’s 2794th Birthday

In celebrating Yerevan’s 2794 years of existence — I am assuming that beginning with the founding of Erebuni, or perhaps later since I am very bad in history — the government decided to hold festivities, children’s art exhibits and concerts all over the Kentron, which was closed to traffic for the better part of the day. Fortunately my wife and I managed to walk around with a camera in mid-afternoon and evening to capture some images.

I have never seen so many people out on the streets of Yerevan for any event before. Every year they throw some kind of bash in honor of Yerevan, but I don’t recall anything on such a grand scale. Well, the presidential elections are coming up and I’m sure President Sargsyan wants to prove to all that he’s not a spoil-sport.






All of the main squares were open to pedestrians only. It was unprecedented. There was something to see and hear in nearly every commonly frequented public space, from Place e France adjacent to where the Opera House is located to Republic Square. The throngs of people kind of reminded me of the crowds at Mardi Gras, without the stumbling drunks and flashers. Great to see that so many people were having a wonderful time, celebrating with family and friends. A very impressive, pleasant day all around.