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Interview with Levon Zourabyan


Two days ago I had the opportunity to interview a parliamentary candidate representing the Armenian National Congress, Levon Zourabyan. He was Levon Ter-Petrossian’s right-hand man during his presidency and evidently still is.

In this interview for Hetq, Zourabyan talks about the need to break up the Armenian monopolies, impeachment, the expected rise of the opposition in parliament and government, methods of electoral fraud, and the importance of fair elections.

To watch the interview go to the Hetq web site.

Interview with Vartan Oskanian


In my interview with former Armenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian, we spoke about his membership in the Prosperous Armenia Party and the party’s long-term program, the importance of free and fair National Assembly elections, planned measures to combat electoral fraud and voter apathy.

Go to the Hetq web site to watch the video or to Hetq’s channel on YouTube.

Interview with Alexander Arzoumanian

My interview with former Foreign Minister Alexander Arzoumanian was just posted on Hetq Online. In our conversation he talked about political life after splitting from the Armenian National Congress, the platform of the Free Democrats party and its alliance with Heritage, the importance of free and fair parliamentary elections in Armenia, and mobilizing the Armenian youth.

You can see the video on the main Hetq web site or on Hetq’s channel on YouTube.

Alexander Arzoumanian