Monthly Archives: July 2010

A Call For Entries

I want to change the dynamic of this blog to make it more interactive  by inviting anyone living in or even visiting Armenia who is proficient in the English language and wants to express his or her ideas about what’s happening around them to contribute.  Those of you who do not have an outlet to do so are encouraged to express yourselves in Footprints. Themes discussed can be personal, cultural, political or social in nature. Prose and poetry are welcome.

It’s important that Footprints become a blog that reaches a wider audience, to be a forum where essential and not so important topics are introduced and debated on. With your participation Footprints can be regarded as an alternative source of information and thought about any issue that pertains to Armenia and the Armenian experience. What you want to discuss is completely up to you.  But please refrain from writing text that could be construed as being slanderous.

Send your entries to You can sign your entry (either with your real name or pseudonym) or choose to be anonymous.  I look forward to publishing them.